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St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Knanaya Church
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  The Members
Of the St Thomas Knanaya Church

When our church was registered in 1984 the membership comprised of only 8 knanaya families. And when our own worship facility was inaugurated in 1997, the membership comprised of 13 families. Today we have grown to about 80 member families. The membership of our church is made up of immigrant Knanaya families from Kerala, India. The warmer climate and the affordable cost of living in Dallas have drawn more and more Knanaya families to Texas and our church continues to grow every year.

The Knanaya people are a tightly knit community that immigrated to India in 345AD. We are proud to uphold to this day, the values and traditions of our Jewish Christian heritage handed down through generations.

Our members are made up of people from all walks of life and many of them have been residents or North Texas for a number of years. In the early nineties, as the Knanaya community in Dallas grew, the need for a permanent house of worship became a necessity. Through the hard work and determination of a handful of our Dallas kananya community elders, the St Thomas Knanaya Church on Balleywood Rd in Irving came into being in 1997. While those pioneers continue to serve our church to this day, our parish has grown manifold, to the extend that in 2009 we moved into a larger facility on Metker St just a few miles from the Balleywood Rd facility.

Because all our members are immigrants from Kerala, India, the Sunday mass is conducted in the Malayalam language with occasional readings in Syriac, the official language of the Syriac Orthodox Church. At present we do not have an English mass, but we hope to introduce an English mass soon, as part of our Sunday worship.

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